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Rene and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog After the War
Anti-Memory Foam Pillow Coalition
Rob Zombie jean collection
Against normie deep and florid realism
Towards cringe stylistic vibes

Olivia Kan-Sperling Kaleidoscope poster.
Should I become Jack Donoghue?
The enemy of my girlfriend is my girlfriend’s boyfriend.
“In the deepest silence, gold and diamonds all through the night.”
If they take casinos away I’m becoming a terrorist.
I see your cold cold body laying next to mine and we are prone and nonverbal but we are rich and we are going to live forever.
During the inevitable “rolling” towards the image, I sprint, I tuck my head, I take a great leap and tumble all the way down, ball-like, faster and faster, all I can think about is the ice cream gang gang girl.
Gothic Techno
We should trade all of the girls with the black metal font tramp stamps for anything else from any other country.

I’m a good person, I go to therapy, I wage class war, I am here, killing you, watching you bleed out, recording, uploading, liking, I’m a good person, I reject the Bad, I buy organic, I punch nazis, I upload, I like, I’m a good person, I’m an ally, you don’t have to worry about me, I repost, I sit my ass down, I listen, I’m a good person, trust me, I’m an extremely good person.
Dionysian vs. Bacchanal
The Extraordinarly Priveleged Life Of A Man Who Grew Up In Seattle.
Collecting first edition Bernhard for my retiremnt fund.
Houellebecq sex tape season.
Check out his wryness, fuck, I can’t get over how wry he is, it’s so sexy, his wryness is a standout feature, I think about his wryness day and night, I can’t get over how wry he is.
Babe, look at my urban design, look how wide my sidewalks are, look at all my green space, I can fix this city, I can fix you.
I’m gonna go “vote” after I “pay my taxes.”

Link to published story about the menaces of the world.
Bro she’s a sapiosexual bro she doesn’t wanna fuck bro she fuckin hates you bro she pities you bro she’s laughing at you and sending your screenshots to the group chat bro you gotta get a grip bro just chill bro pleaseeeee bro
I knew a couple that listened to The Dead Flag Blues by Godspeed You! Black Emperor together and now they’re both on clozapine.
It’s so f(o)re(ver)
We’re gonna run outta crops fr fr
First, I liked Townes Van Zandt, then I thought he was a privileged rich kid larping as a cowboy, then I realized he was actually insane and the Greatest American Musician.
They kicked me out of India because I killed a man who woudn’t stop following me and saying: they should have sent you to war, they should have sent you to war. 
Quixotian as in the Race of Fools riding along with the Don himself, reduced to primal madness, crawling on all fours towards the sun in the form of a man crucified. 

Past all of the whirring machines that send their probing lights to circle my head, Around and Around, until I can’t stand it, I feel like the arcade boxing game is mocking me, it’s asking me to punch harder but I can’t and I’ve started to anthropomorphize this game and I don’t want to hurt it, I want to escape into the deep jungle beats of Richard David James that seem to eminate from the center of the mirror maze, I just want to run and sweat and bleed and explode, scatter across all of you at the fair just having a pleasant evening and a piece of me will float up to the top car on the ferris wheel and make you, yes, you, sneeze a deep hard sneeze that shakes you to the core and you’ll think of your childhood romance and the Place That You First Found God.
Go make something Real.
Look how they massacred my boy (democracy).
“This is a [wordsfromdrew shirt]. And for me it’s a symbol of my individuality, and my personal freedom.”
St. Martin’s Church, New Delhi, India.
The two girls in bedazzled hats who make mixed drinks in various places are the Greek muses incarnate.
I had a dream that the Pirate Bay was alive and well and when I downloaded a Songs: Ohia album I was transported (sucked into the computer Cronenberg-esque style) to a grassy plain and there were two men in a duel and I was both of them and the sun was setting and when they turned they just stared at each other instead of shooting and I started shouting: shoot, you fools! shoot!
em dash