Monk Mode. Honeymaxxing. Shutting the fuck up.
Kubrick’s melancholic, long, withdrawing roar is a whisper now, a candle being blown out by our own methed out lips.
And slipping through the arms of my sweater, I threw it on her, knowing she would put it on. It fit poorly and immediately became an object without enchantment, without my body beneath it. I urged her for an impression of myself, to see myself in her, to recreate myself in someone else, to finally see myself through my own eyes, what I so desired my whole life, what I imagine we all desire. To see ourselves cast out before us, submitting to our own vicious judgement.
The secret third thing is taking a walk.
Discourse is a purely aesthetic phenomena; npr brain, weed brain, sally rooney brain, catholic guilt brain, retvrn brain, bauhaus brain, chatgpt brain, arthouse brain, fractal pattern brain, mid-cent modern brain, meme page admin brain.
‘New Objectivity,’ the style of architecture in Germany that directly preceded the rise of Hitler featured functionality, simplicity, clean lines, and a lack of ornamentation. Writing my thesis on how our uninspired collective unconscious is funneled into a raging fanatacism for anything that evokes emotion (Nazism, feminism, traditionalism, AOC, Jordan Peterson, etc.). 
Stairs and contradictory stairs. 
“Man became sinful the moment he was interested more in what’s in the book than in Eve’s gorgeous naked body.”
William Blake warned of the poison within standing water, I’m heading to Egpyt to find fountains, to find spice, to approach Al-Mu’tasim.
Rohmer girl vibes.