I’m a good person, I go to therapy, I wage class war, I am here, killing you, watching you bleed out, recording, uploading, liking, I’m a good person, I reject the Bad, I buy organic, I punch nazis, I upload, I like, I’m a good person, I’m an ally, you don’t have to worry about me, I repost, I sit my ass down, I listen, I’m a good person, trust me, I’m an extremely good person.
Dionysian vs. Bacchanal
The Extraordinarly Priveleged Life Of A Man Who Grew Up In Seattle.
Collecting first edition Bernhard for my retiremnt fund.
Houellebecq sex tape season.
Check out his wryness, fuck, I can’t get over how wry he is, it’s so sexy, his wryness is a standout feature, I think about his wryness day and night, I can’t get over how wry he is.
Babe, look at my urban design, look how wide my sidewalks are, look at all my green space, I can fix this city, I can fix you.
I’m gonna go “vote” after I “pay my taxes.”