Link to published story about the menaces of the world.
Bro she’s a sapiosexual bro she doesn’t wanna fuck bro she fuckin hates you bro she pities you bro she’s laughing at you and sending your screenshots to the group chat bro you gotta get a grip bro just chill bro pleaseeeee bro
I knew a couple that listened to The Dead Flag Blues by Godspeed You! Black Emperor together and now they’re both on clozapine.
It’s so f(o)re(ver)
We’re gonna run outta crops fr fr
First, I liked Townes Van Zandt, then I thought he was a privileged rich kid larping as a cowboy, then I realized he was actually insane and the Greatest American Musician.
They kicked me out of India because I killed a man who woudn’t stop following me and saying: they should have sent you to war, they should have sent you to war. 
Quixotian as in the Race of Fools riding along with the Don himself, reduced to primal madness, crawling on all fours towards the sun in the form of a man crucified.