An ode to the best theater experience in Seattle.
An ode to the best movie I’ve seen at said theater: Days Of Being Wild. (Stay out of my dm’s about Wong tho, sometimes you just have to embrace the philistine.)
Tumblr is back in a big way.
This is the shirt that the baggy sweatshirt girls at the gym wear under their baggy sweatshirts.
Crop top?
“And the next thing you know you’re posting dog pics on instagram.”
Mfs listen to red scare once and think they have a comprehensive understanding of wHy neOliBeRaLisM bAd.
I’ve been trying to notice minute details in the hope that it will slow down time.
If we could solve the middle east problem on social media....should we?
Sunset at Ankara Castle. The evening prayer moves through the warm air; static and smog. Red sun bleeds upwards, its noble death. Gunshots in the distance. You’ve stepped out from the depths of the club to light a cig. You’ve been told it’s leftfield. You’ve been told to not tell anyone. You hope you don’t make it to tmr.